Restored: Sun Sign Harmonies

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Restored: Sun Sign Harmonies

Post  Dinny on Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:12 am

Stalker wrote:Since we have a topic about what signs we're not too harmonous with, why not have one about what signs we often seem to get along with? This is a bit different from the compatibility-topic as this can revolve around any kind of interpersonal or social relation.

Shed your experiences.

'aight. I hear a lot of negative stuff regarding Virgo-natives, such as them being overbearing, fussy perfectionists, elitists, cold and detached bastards who avoid confrontations, and so on and so forth. I haven't met many Virgos, but one of my most reliable friends is a Virgo. Not only practical and intellegent, but also hilarious. A bit frigid, I admit, but I'm comfortable about that one. Rides motorbike, is a crane-operator and has a sharp wit.

I think I've gotten along with every single Sun Scorpio I've met so far. I discovered their sunsigns much later, was thrown off by their Ascendants. I mistook one Scorpio for a Taurus, another one for an Aries, and so forth. All in all, I know approx 4 Scorpios quite closely, and we often get along well, on same wavelength and all. Can't say I've been romantically interested in any Scorpios I've known this far, but they make great colleagues and comrades/mates. Not to mention discussion-partners.

I must have a thing for watersigns, since I get along very well with Cancers and Pisceans as well. I know three Cancers, on great terms with them all. I see them as quite reliable and honest, even if they tend to be a bit, well, crabby sometimes. Only if they're in a bad mood though. And they are a bit hesitant with expressing their thoughts and feelings from what I've experienced.

The Pisces-folks I know are adorable. Creative, nice, gentle, charming. The drawback I've experienced with the Pisces-natives I know is a slight doormat-tendency, lack of practicality at times, and they can be a bit tiring if they are in bad condition and mood, wallowing in misery and over-sensitivity.

Taurii are awesome. The Taurus-people I know are headstrong, easy to talk to and highly practical. Craftsmen, artisans, down-to-earth passionate workers/students.

I know three Sags. I've experienced a lot of clashing and drawbacks with them, but I can't help but find them charming and unintentionally hilarious. The Sags I know aren't too overly-practical or mature in behavior and attitude, but they sure have a lot of interesting ideas. Unfortunately, two of them have strong flattery/butter-up tendencies, which I'm not fond of and which I can find insulting, even though it's not intended to be.

Can't say much regarding Capricorns since I don't know any. Libras are diplomatic but that's also the problem in cases I experienced, I have bad experiences with them. Geminians are witty, bright and often very intellectually stimulating, but the short attention-span and ADD-tendencies drive me insane at times. Aquarians are eccentric, but I don't know any of 'em closely.

ScorpionicEmperor wrote:How Libran of you.

Leos have tolerated quite a bunch of stuff from me. Maybe my ascendant helps? Then there are the ones that I hate on sight.

Libras are very friendly to me despite all those bad claims people make about them on here.

Other Scorpios are ok but they are very quite compared to me.

I really don't know too much water kids.

cancercrab wrote:I could repeat everything Locus Solus said word-for-word and it would apply. Minus knowing someone that operates machinery. Was never sexually attracted to a scorpio sun, but we get along great.

Don't know any virgos too well, except for my dad, and I don't like to talk to him so I can't elaborate much on that.

Aquarius I know and get along with the best as close friends. Any aquarius and I seem to be magnetically attracted to each other and we talk for hours. Funny, because there is no aquarius in my chart, even in the houses... hmm.

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